Meet The Owner


There was a little girl named Kimberly.

There once was a little girl named, Kimberly, and she lived in a small kingdom called, Memphis. Kimberly dreamed of one day seeing the big wide world and experiencing all the exotic treats it had to offer. She would sit in her bedroom window, wishing upon the stars, that one day this dream would come true! Along the way, Kimberly took quite a shine to singing and as people started to listen they, quickly, became enchanted by her vocal talents. Soon, all sorts of people from kingdoms near and far began requesting an audience to hear Kimberly’s outstanding voice. She even took her talents on the road and soon enough she was filling up amphitheaters across the globe! Kimberly was so happy to perform for all her fans; she was very fulfilled!

Well, almost… Despite all the joys and pleasures her talents brought, there was still a slight hint of sadness in her heart. Something was missing! One day, as Kimberly was sitting in her dressing room, a stronger, deeper feeling of despair came over her. She started to feel claustrophobic! A panic came over her! She started to run! Out of the building, and down the street, she went, in a foreign land with no idea where she was going! She ran, and ran, and ran some more, until, she folded over to catch her breath. When she stood up, she found herself in front of the cutest little restaurant. This place was not too big or too presumptuous, it was sweet and inviting. It was bright with floral hues, with oversized yet cozy furniture, and with beautiful hints of shine twinkling all around. She was drawn to the front door as if she were a magnet.

As Kimberly turned the knob and opened the door, the most amazing smell swirled and enveloped her like a cashmere throw. She was instantly captivated and in awe. Kimberly curled up into a corner booth, took up a menu, and began to order. Oh my, the details, the drinks, the food, the ambiance, the hookah… Before she even knew it, she had ordered the entire menu! Everything was amazing and finally she felt complete! Kimberly vowed, from then on to always have a place that would give her a feeling of comfort, a place that she could call her own, the space of her dreams. This became the birth of Puff & Petals.